Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Budget friendly Beauty Blenders

A while ago I purchased a Beauty Blender, waited a long time for it arrive,  Used it once and I squeezed the water out too much and it erm.. Broke. (I must be so strong!)  So instead of buying another one, (which I will soon), I bought these makeup sponges from Amazon. For £3.99!! #Bargain 

All I do is get a small pot of water, dab the sponges and then squeeze the excess water. (Gently this time.) I apply my foundation/concealer onto my face and then with the damp sponges, press and stipple the products to create a flawless look. By having the sponges in different sizes and  on a handle it makes it so easy to apply to the different parts of the face. 

I'm not saying these are better than a Beauty Blender, as there are now lots of different companies with their own inventions, Like the ones from Amazon or Real Techniques.  I do think they are amazing for setting the makeup into place and having a flawless base. Also, if you're on a budget these would be great to use! 

Do you have a Beauty Blender? Or a dupe? What Are your thoughts/favourite ones?


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