Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Emma Hardie amazing face moringa cleansing balm | Candy Camera

For a long time I had 'Emma Hardie - Amazing Face moringa cleansing balm' on my wishlist, and for Christmas I received the beautifully scented cleanser! As soon as I had got it, I religiously started applying it to my face morning and night. At the end of the day, I cannot wait to take off my makeup, mainly just to smell the product. (Thanks to the essential oils)

The cleanser has many great ingredients which make it such a luxury to use and also suitable for many different skin types. I double cleanse with this product and even on the first cleanse manages to remove the majority of my makeup. Even waterproof! The balm glides on the face and feels so creamy, I then massage into my face and emulsify with water and then wipe off with the muslin cloth provided.  The directions on the box say to mix a few drops of water and balm into your hands first and then apply to the face but I just prefer to do it the other way round. (Still works as well.)

Because of the essential oils, I really feel that it has not only made my skin feel smoother but also cleared blemishes and redness. I mean yes, I do still have blemishes and redness but after using the cleanser I do feel that my skin is becoming clearer. And everyone loves clear skin, right?

What is your favourite cleanser? Is it Emma Hardie cleansing balm by any chance?


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