Sunday, 22 February 2015

Garnier Moisture Match moisteriser

I have been trying out lots of different products for my skin as it always seems to change. I have combination skin and one week it could be dry on my forehead and sometimes it could be really oily. I've been testing out lots of different products to improve my skin and find the best products for improving my skin routine. 

My forehead for the past month or two has been very dry and peeling and I have been using the Garnier Moisture Match Ultra-hydrating rich cream. I have been applying quite a lot at night and have already seen an improvement. The cream is quite rich, as it says on the tube and very hydrating. Garnier Moisture match range caters for: Shine Reduction, normal/dry skin, dull, dry skin and normal skin.

What is your favourite skin products? Have you tried the moisture match range?


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