Friday, 6 February 2015

Lee Stafford - Hair that never grows past a certain length

Hair. Something that I hate trying to maintain because it never seems to look right.Ever since a young girl, I hated trying to style my hair because it has always been lack-lustre, the same boring length and really dry, dehydrated and damaged. I never knew what kinds of products to put in my hair and over the years carried on dying, bleaching and stripping my hair. To make it even more damaged. I had been researching about different products on the market for hair growth. Many websites took me to tablets and supplements but I wanted something inexpensive but good quality. I went onto the boots website in the end and found the Lee Stafford range. Not only do they promote hair growth, but also hydrating and moisturising the hair.I thought it was going to be a product that would say things like 'improves hair growth' and then wouldn't work. However, after using the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask after a few months of using it, Slowly but surely my hair was actually starting to grow.  I was actually getting compliments about how long and shiny my hair was and this brought me great happiness and I wanted to take care of my hair even more. I have gotten through so many of the hair masks that I probably need a new pot every one to two months. I scoop an egg sized amount into my hand and  then massage from root to tip. I then clip all my hair onto the top of my head and leave on for a minutes or even hours! The three products are normally on a 3 for 2 offer at boots so highly affordable. I love how the packaging is pink  and also how lovely the products smell. (I love a nicely smelling hair product!) 

Even though I do love these products, I still want to test out other products that will hydrate and nourish my hair. Have you got any recommendations? I would love to hear them.

What do you think of the Lee Stafford ranges?


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