Friday, 20 February 2015

Shower products that smell DIVINE

When going in the bath/shower I always like to be able to smell nice afterwards. With or without applying a scented moisteriser. When I popped into Asda a while ago, the Radox shower gels really stood out to me, probably because they are so bright. I had a sniff and fell in love with the strong scents. Ever since, I have put my other bath/shower gels to the side and have been using these non stop.

They have a lasting scent, which isn't strong but makes you just smell.. divine. The products are very creamy and lather up well. The 'Berry Blast' is a shower cream and the 'Passion splash' is a shower gel so there's options if you don't like gels or creams, you can take your pick.  After using, I always feel so fresh and clean and just want to smell myself constantly. Is that weird?

They are so affordable, I think I bought them both on an offer for around two pounds. I love a good bargain like the next person and truly think they are a good value for money.

What are your favourite bath products?


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