Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Sk:n vitamin rich cleanser

Trying to find a suitable cleanser for your skin that will remove all of your makeup? Sk:n's vitamin rich cleanser is a great option! 

I recently bought this cleanser to use before my 'Emma Hardie amazing face cleanser' to remove all of my makeup. This way, I am removing all of the dirt and makeup to achieve clean, clear skin. 

This product has a lovely scent to it and many good ingredients, which include anti-acne ingredients to improve the skin's condition. As soon as I used it, after a few days I had already seen an improvement in my skin after using various new products. (more posts to come.)  I used to think that by just double cleansing with my Emma Hardie cleanser, it was going to remove all of my makeup. But I was wrong. I was cleaning my face and then still sometimes ending up with excess makeup on my towel afterwards. Yuck! 

I use cotton pads and use a small amount of cleanser into each pad and wipe the face. I carry on doing this with new, clean cotton pads until my makeup is thoroughly off and then I go and wash my face and carry on with my skin routine. 

I really think this product is wonderful! I am so happy it has came into my skin routine and will definitely carry on using it. 

Do you have a favourite cleanser? What's your skin routine? 


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