Monday, 2 March 2015

Avène hydrance moisteriser light

I'm sorry, I just can't stop buying skincare products and then reviewing them. My bathroom cupboard is nearly breaking at the hinges because I love taking care of my skin. (Lol. Maybe not that much but it sounded good, right?) I Like taking care of my skin, because as I have got older, my skin has broke out a lot. I suffered with really bad acne a while ago and it really got my confidence and self-esteem low. My acne has cleared up, I still have a lot of spots but no where near as many as before and I also have a lot of spot scarring. Over the years, I have been trying to find the best products to help clear my skin. I have tried changing my diet and drinking lots  of fluids too which is helping a lot. I'll go into detail about some other really good products I think everyone should invest in another time but for now, It's this Avène Hydrance moisteriser. The brand has two types of this Hydrance moisteriser, Rich hydrating cream and light hydrating cream. I went for the light cream as I have combination skin, But the rich cream is great for dry/dehydrated skins. Obviously for me, most of the products go down to smell, this moisteriser does have a perfume ingredient in it but it is very mild. Only a slight flowery smell but does smell lovely. I feel that I could possibly need the rich moisteriser for at night or maybe even a night cream but for the day time, I find this lovely, light and doesn't make my makeup go weird after using. 

What is your favourite moisteriser? 


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