Wednesday, 1 April 2015

lightweight, full coverage foundation

It's the first of April already! How quick is this year going!! As the weather SHOULD be warming up soon, It's time to wear maybe a little less foundation?

In a foundation I look for many things. I like a full coverage, lightweight, slightly matte but slightly dewy foundation. I'm very picky when it comes down to foundations, as you could probably tell. Lycogel is a breathable camouflage gel based formula which is good to cover up anything from Rosacea, Acne or Eczema. The range comes in various different shades and is great for even sensitive skins. 

I got the shade 'Pearl', I can build this foundation for as much coverage as I would like. And would be great to use in the summer as it feels as if you just have a tinted foundation on.  At first, I didn't really like it. I thought it was too thin, didn't cover my redness or spots and was the wrong shade for me. I carried on using it everyday, seeing which way to apply it was better, to get the right coverage for me and finally fell in love with it. I don't use as much foundation as I would with my usual foundations, which is great but I do try and build it up with a few coats in areas that are more problematic. By not applying thick foundations, I felt that my skin can breathe, without feeling heavy, and even though the coverage lasts all day, It is easy to remove at the end of the day with your cleansers. 

To find out more Information on Lycogel click here.
Have you ever tried Lycogel before? What's your favourite foundation?


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