Monday, 20 April 2015

Unwinding and appreciating life.

I love going on walks, especially on Sunday's. Bradgate Park is a National Park on the outskirts of Leicester where  you can walk for miles and miles in lovely, peaceful surroundings. You can walk up the big hill (which wears you out may I add) and the view is spectacular. Sitting on top of the peaceful hill looking down on the busyness of the rest of the world really puts in to perspective how people are so busy they don't see what's around them. How people don't really appreciate nature anymore because they have bigger things on their mind. I feel that once in a while taking at least an hour out of my busy day can do myself wonders. Just going for a walk up a hill has really made me think about my life. How I want change. How I want to be happy. How to appreciate more things around me in life. 

Where's your favourite place to unwind or go for a quick break? 


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