Sunday, 24 May 2015

Chatting about Tanning products

As the days are getting warmer (well should be!) Everyone wants to look tanned! Maybe you're going on holiday, or staying in sunny England, or maybe you don't tan and you just burn like a lobster. As you can probably see from one of the pictures, I have two of the 'St Tropez One hour express tan' and the 'Garnier Summer Body', This is because one I love them and two, I have to share with either my best friend or my mother. 

Having tanned skin doesn't make you just look good, It makes you feel good too!

In the past I have used many different tans. From spray tans to at home tanning lotions/mousses/creams. I have had many St Tropez and Sienna X spray tans in the past and have really liked them. When I used to be in school shows, I used to have about two to three coats of it! For me, tanning takes time. I want it to look right, and not rubbish. Nobody wants streaks. I try to shave and exfoliate a few days before and then exfoliate a day before tanning. I try to moisterise each day too to get a smooth finish. I apply my tan with a tanning mitt and I also have a buffing mitt from 'St Tropez' which is really handy.

'Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter', is an inexpensive tanning mousse which you can get from Primark or Superdrug which is really handy. This tan goes on nicely, you get a lovely olive tanned look but the only thing I would say about it is, Even the smallest amount of water that hits you.. You will streak. But great if you want to wear it for a night out and wash off the next day.

'Garnier Summer Body tanning lotion.' Again very inexpensive. Good for paler skin tones and good if you want just a natural looking tan. Smells lovely too. I don't get to use this as much as I would like though, as my mum pinches it all and I like a little bit more of a darker tan.  (Exfoliate and moisterise beforehand though as can come a little patchy)

'Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan for face and body'. This is a medium matte formula, which is great so that you don't look too shiny or glittery. A lovely finish, especially if it's just for a night out you can easily wash this off, like the Cocoa brown tan. 

And last but not least, My Fav, 'St Tropez One  hour express tanning mousse'. The most expensive out of all the other tans. You can build this tan up depending on how dark you want to go and can easily wash off if needed. A lovely scent to it too which you don't really expect from a tan. I have also tried out some of the other St Tropez products from when I did a training day with my college and I have to say this was my favourite out of all of them. You can leave the house as soon as you have applied it if you wish and you don't look like a stupid looking orange and isn't sticky at all. 

I really want to try the 'Bondi Sands' and 'Xen Tan' tanning products. Has anyone tried them? What is your favourite tan?


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