Monday, 25 May 2015

'Dear Diary': Dealing with a family member being ill

You hear those dreaded words 'I've got Cancer' and your heart breaks into a billion pieces. One of your closest family members, the best person in the world, the one that's been there like a dad when your dad never really bothered.

On Tuesday 28th April 2015, we found out that my Grandad had cancer. My nanna broke down on the phone and I felt helpless. There's nothing any of us can do to make him better, than to try and stay positive. Then on Friday 15th May, we found out it was incurable. Luckily, (in a way) because he is old, Cancer develops slower in older people. It's just hard knowing that someone so special to you is dealing with something so, so big and because he is such a strong person, won't tell anyone how he feels. Our family has got through so much in the past few years and that's not going to stop us now. Cancer is a horrible, soul destroying disease. And so many people fight and win but sadly some fight and lose. Stop cancer today and donate. It can really help someone live.

Cancer Research


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