Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Holistic approach to life

Everyone wants to be happy. And for a long time I feel that I have not. That's probably another reason why I'm boring you with depressing posts. Life doesn't seem like it's that great right now. And one thing that has been gradually helping me, is by having more of an holistic approach to life.

 I started a new job in January and was getting really anxious and stressed, My new colleagues said how they wear crystals around their neck everyday to help them with some of their problems, (Anxiety or Hormones etc.) I was quite skeptical about buying crystals like 'Nah I don't believe in all that' but after researching a little bit I decided I would buy some. I also got told to buy Sage incense burners to cleanse the house and the crystals from negative energy, because boy there was a lot of that! I also tried out Yoga. Saturday morning, I wake up early excited for my yoga class. Sometimes I have to force myself out of bed because I am lazy but once i'm there, I love it. It really makes you think about your breathing and the movements your body is making. Its making me strong!

I've been reading. I've had 'The happiness project' by Gretchin Rubin for a few years now and still read it every now and again. I noticed on Instagram that she was doing a book tour for her new book 'Mastering the habits of our everyday lives', I knew I had to buy it. I need to get out of my bad habits ASAP! (Once I've read it all, expect a full review!) And also I purchased 'Calm' by Michael Acton Smith. Reading really makes you feel calm, (so calm that normally I fall asleep.) Everyone is obsessed with phones and computers and technology that now a days, books are not being as acknowledged as they used to be. Would you like to see more book reviews?

Although my diet isn't the best out there, I do try and eat quite healthily. I have been drinking lots more water, eating lots more fruit and vegetables and going to the gym at least two to three times a week. I know i'm not back to my happy, wacky self just yet but I'm getting there. Slowly. 

What makes you happy? Do you practice an Holistic approach in every day life?


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