Monday, 1 June 2015

'Dear Diary': suffering with Trichotillomania

I feel a little hesitant to write this post today as it is so personal to me. But as it is really like a diary, I feel that some people could benefit from reading this post as not many people know about it. 

Trichotillomania is a hair pulling disorder. Many people can pull or tweeze hairs from their head, eyebrows and eyelashes (The most common areas). Many people do this as part of anxiety, depression, stress and maybe not even realise that they are doing it. I have been pulling my hair for at least two years. *ashamed and goes and cries in the corner* I don't realise i'm pulling my hair anymore and it has got to the stage where it doesn't even hurt pulling my hair because i'm so used to it. I am lucky in a sense though as my hair does grow back. Slowly of course but it's not like I have a massive bald patch at the top of my head. (just small ones. *insert monkey covering eyes emoji*) 

Not many people know about Trichotillomania and when I first started my mum wanted me to go to the doctors and they didn't really know what to say. They didn't really care. They referred me to the next person and then they did the same as they didn't know what to do either. I researched it a lot after finding out the name of it from Google.. Not the actual Doctors! And found out that many people do the same. Sam Faiers, from the well known reality TV show Towie pulled her eyelashes out. She had hypnotherapy and even then she was still pulling a little bit. 

It makes me anxious that I pull my hair out as I can never wear my hair down fully or little bald patches can be seen or small hairs stick up like I have a Mohican. The days that I am super busy, I don't even think about pulling my hair, but when i'm just sitting around or relaxing i'll feel a slap on the wrist by family and friends or my Nanna shouting 'STOP PULLING YOUR HAIR!' and that does help a lot. I just hope I can stop all together one day.

Do you or anyone you know suffer with Trichotillomania? How do you deal with it? 



  1. This is so brave for you to post, well done done! It must be so difficult for you and your everyday life, but be reassured that there are others that do the same, and it may be something that just fades away with time as as you grow and get older :) I wish you all the best in your recovery and even if it's slow, the fact you've been brave enough to write this post shows you're strong and strong enough to stop altogether one day :) Ellie x

    ellie etc | a fashion & lifestyle blog

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, that is so lovely! It does effect my everyday life and it's horrible but like you said hopefully one day I will finally stop! I'm sorry it's took me so long to reply I've had problems with my computer! X


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