Friday, 19 June 2015

Film Friday: The Book Thief

 I have now watched this film twice and each time I do, I love it. I really think this has become one of my favourite films. I know World War Two wasn't nice, but there's something I find really interesting about it. Maybe that makes me sound nuts, who knows. watching this film really makes you think, 'wow, this actually happened. This is crazy' The amount of innocent people that were killed is unbelievable.

Anyway, This film is about a little girl whose mother was a communist. Liesel and her brother were meant to be travelling to her adoptive parents in Germany and on the way her brother dies. You see Liesel growing up with her adoptive parents and the life she has to grow into. She meets Rudy, her next door neighbour and has a great relationship with him. She gets picked on at school for not being able to read so her father creates a visual dictionary for her in the basement where she writes words on the wall under each letter. Long story short, the family then have to hide a jewish refugee, and she has to keep it a secret.

This film was funny, tear jerking, and educational. You really find out some things about history you might of already known. I rate this film a 5/5! Have you seen it? What's your thoughts?


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