Sunday, 27 September 2015


Recently I have been loving bath salts. Whether it be Radox bath soak or Epsom salts. I strolled through Boots the other day, not wanting to buy anything, (Of course I bought something!) and came across these massive bags of Epsom salts and Dead sea salt. I had already started using Epsom salts in the bath a long time ago, but was recommended to start using dead sea salt as it was very beneficial for the body. At £2.50 a bag, What a bargain! I picked up one of each and have been constantly using them every time I go in the bath. 

There is a resealable zip on the bags but when standing in the bathroom, steam can easily absorb into the salts so I decided to put them in my trusty jars that have been empty since I bought them two years ago!! I then used a Christmas gift tag and stuck it on top of the jars to look a bit more snazzy and used a whiteboard marker on the jar to know which one is which. 

Bath salts are great for the mind, soul and body. Dead sea salt is very beneficial for fluid retention, stress, skin aging, calms the nervous system and soothes/softens dry itchy skin which is great for Psoriasis. Whilst Epsom salts are great for eliminating toxins from the body, relieves constipation (lovely), excellent when used after exercise and detoxifies. 

Westlab's packaging states: 'Chemically pure, Medical grade standard' and with such big bags, will last you a life time! (well maybe not that long.) 

Do you use bath salts? What do you think? 


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