Friday, 2 October 2015

film friday: Maleficent

My mum's favourite film is Maleficent, and whilst she is recovering from an operation, we seem to be watching this a lot. (I'll probably know word for word soon, along with my favourite film, Cinderella) Studying makeup artistry all them years ago, makes me love watching these films even more. The makeup is flawless and so amazing, And I love saying to my mum 'I can make ears like that' (Probably not as good) but it really makes me want to do more creative things with makeup again as it was one of my 'happy hobbies'

Disney has really put a twist on this film comparing it to the cartoon version. I actually prefer this film a lot more as Maleficent was the villain and hero all in one. The special effects were so imaginative and a lovely film to watch. 

I rate this film: 4/5 


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