Sunday, 4 October 2015

Goldwell Purple shampoo

Since having my hair dip dyed, I have had to use a lot more products to maintain the colour and generally get it into better condition! I have been using this Goldwell purple shampoo to try and tone the colour a little bit more as no one wants brassy hair! I love the smell of this product, the texture, how it lathers up and how it keeps my hair squeaky clean without being too heavy. I hate those products that weigh your hair down or feels sticky and this product does nothing of the sort. Some shampoos can feel like they are drying the hair out more, but I really feel that it hasn't just helped with the colour but also the condition. Having blonde hair, or even just dip dye, because it is bleach can really dry the hair out, hence the amount of products I have to keep using. I have had this tube for about a month now and normally I get through shampoo quite fast but I'm not even near half full yet as I only have to use a tiny amount. 

Do you have any good products you can recommend for blonde/highlighted hair?


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