Friday, 9 October 2015

The Secret to a happy life

So normally on a Friday, It's Film Friday, but today I am going to review a documentary. I really love wearing crystals as jewellery now, and I met a lady a few weeks ago and we had a massive chat about how we were both feeling, and what crystals were best to use etc. (Bearing in mind we had only just met, we spent two hours non-stop talking.) Anyway, during our chat about crystals, she mentioned lots of different things to change my mindset and ways to be a stronger, happier person. She mentioned the book 'The Secret'. I got home and looked into the book, as soon as I saw 'Self help book' I immediately got off it. I didn't want to be reading yet another book that claims it'll make you happy. I had read many of those in the past, and none of them worked. So I forgot all about it. Then, at the weekend I had a really low day. Out of the blue, just kept crying and couldn't stop. I was fed up of feeling like this week after week and something needed to be done about it. I then was looking at films I could watch and came across 'The Secret' again. (Maybe this was a sign?!) I started watching it and part way through I ordered the book. So expect reviews on that very soon! 
Anyway, the film/documentary was very informative. I did get a little bored half way through, but then again I do have an attention span of a two year old. I forced myself to watch it until the end, and I'm so glad I did. It has really made me feel that there is hope. I can make myself a positive, jolly person who I used to be. And how? By making an effort and doing it myself! I've started to do so much research on this and have became a little bit addicted. I'm allowed to listen to music at work, so I've been putting videos on YouTube on and listening to people talk about their stories and how The Law of Attraction has helped them. 

The Law of Attraction basically means that (in my way of describing it) Everyone in this world is like a magnet. You either attract negative or positive vibes. The more positive things you think about, the more things that will go right in your life. The more negative you approach things in life, the more things will go wrong. I've always had a negative approach to life for as long as I can remember and so have my family. Well today is the day this is going to change. And hopefully I can bring you along on my journey too, So a lot more blog posts about it. 

Have you ever heard of The law of attraction? Have you read the book or watched the documentary?


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