Monday, 30 November 2015

Feeling Grateful

Things happen in your life, some things you can change, some things you can't. Shit happens, it sucks. But it's the way you heal and deal with it that makes you the stronger person. I have met so many great people over the years and learnt something from all of them. What I have learnt recently, which I should of put into practise a long time ago was gratitude. Be grateful for what you have already, yes everyone wants more, but being grateful for what you have may bring in more great things. 

Everyone has their bad days, and I have had many of those this year, but thinking about the people in my life, the things I have, everything around me, makes me have so much gratitude and actually makes me feel better. 

The other day my family found out my Grandad's cancer is now dormant. It's fell asleep. And even though he's been given a time limit of his life, he's still pushing on, He wants to be alive so he is working hard. He has been through so much stress, pain, the list goes on, but he's dealing with it. He has always said to me 'I have never felt so alive, I don't even have cancer, I'm going to live.' I am so proud and grateful he is my Grandad and even though this has been horrible for all of us, it has made us a stronger, closer family. 
I am so proud of my friends, it makes me feel so happy to see them succeed. They have worked hard for the life they wanted, and it's paying off. Drama schools, universities, jobs can be very competitive, but they have all proved that they are capable of anything. They want to be fashion designers, actors, teachers, nurses, and they work blooming hard for it. 

There are many people/things I am grateful for and sometimes a little gratitude can take you a long way. 

What are you grateful for?

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