Friday, 6 November 2015

My everyday makeup routine

Some of these products featured in today's post, I have had for so long. But they are an oldie but a goody as my mum would say. Nowadays, the liquid liner is locked away in the beauty drawers, and it's been little or no makeup at all, which is not like me. Bare minerals is now a must, every single day since I bought it, *amazing* and a little bit of highlighter, blusher, mascara and lipstick and I'm out the door. Turning the snooze button off in the mornings could get me into serious trouble one of these days, but when you're running late to get to the office, this quick and easy routine will take about five minutes. (we all do it. right?)

I love using my Bare Minerals powder with a small brush. This is actually a really large eyeshadow brush, but it is perfect for covering the areas I need to cover. Around the nose, chin and a little on the forehead and that's all I need to use. I highlight under my brows, centre of the nose, cheekbones and a little on the cupid's bow. This is a great product to use for a natural look or even for a dramatic look. I always need to fill in my brows, Brows define your face. Dur. Also, a must is always lipstick and blusher. I have dull skin so need something to brighten up my face. I love using Guess Again from Benefit in the crease of my eye. You can't tell on the poorly taken Iphone picture, but with this product, it really opens up your eye. And with a flick of the mascara wand, you are good to go!

Bare Minerals Original Powder - Fairly light N10
Sleek Brow kit - Dark 818
Sleek Blusher- Pixie pink 936
MUA Highlighter -Undress your skin DMA01
L'oreal Lipstick - Crazy Fuchsia 370
Benefit eye shadow - Guess Again
L'oreal Volume Million lashes - Black

What are your go to products?

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