Wednesday, 4 November 2015

October Favourites

Again, A little late on the blog posts, but today is all about my October Favourites. It doesn't feel like two minutes ago since I posted about last months favourites. This month has actually got beauty products in! From makeup to skincare. Woohoo I feel like me again wearing makeup!

A favourite since day one. Even before I received this as a christmas present, I knew I was going to love it. And I was right. I keep going back to this badger every single day. And seeing as I did receive it last Christmas, I think I've done well! Emma Hardie Amazing face cleanser, melts your makeup off your face. Glides off with a muslin cloth and your skin feels squeaky clean. I've posted about this before, I know, but recently I have been using this non-stop so had to post about it. Also, an amazing offer on their website is a 200ml for £55! If a 100ml has last me a year, I wonder how long the bigger container will last me.
My best friend kept complaining about how my hair was going brassy since having the dip dye re applied and told me to sit down and let him plaster this purple cream all over my hair. I kept it on for about half an hour to forty five minutes and whilst that was happening, he did my makeup. (Drag makeup!) I washed the cream out my hair and whilst drying I was shocked because I thought the blonde had disappeared. When it was fully dry, It looked so much better. The blonde was no longer brassy and was the colour it was meant to be. I think this container cost Conor about £5, and I did use the entire tub. I really enjoyed using this product and will be purchasing more in the future.
As you may or not know already, I have been suffering with acne/spots on my skin for a few years now. I've started to have some treatments on my skin but along side that, trying to get my skincare routine in top shape. One of my new products I have purchased is the SkinCeuticals Phyto corrective serum. A little bit like my Retexturising activator consistency but a little bit thicker. I apply this under my Retexturising product and I use this morning and night. I really feel this gives my skin the moisture it needs without a thick cream.
 My most favourite product of the month, Bare Minerals original powder. I love makeup, everyone knows that. But as most people may think, A powder? That can have a full coverage? No way! Well yes way. I even shocked myself. Because I am trying to make my skin better, I didn't want to keep putting heavy makeup on, but didn't want to look a mess going to work with non on at all. So I decided to go to a makeup counter and try it out. The lady asked what skin type was, what kind of look I wanted to go for and I tried out two different products. I wanted my skin still to breathe but wanting a coverage that would cover spots, redness and scarring. )I will be doing another post later in the week with my everyday makeup routine so you can see the difference.)But I must admit, I love this product so much, It's going to be strange to wear a liquid foundation!

OH, and one last favourite, Non-beauty, My spotty rug from Ikea, as featured in all the pictures!

What are your monthly favourites?

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