Wednesday, 11 November 2015

OOTD: A walk through Derbyshire

Autumn is my favourite season hands down. Not too cold, but not too hot. Crisp mornings, fresh air, leaves changing colour, I just find it so beautiful. Knitted cardigans and jumpers are out of the wardrobe (Always are with me. Granny alert) and you're all set. Silly me left my coat in the house before I left when I went to Derbyshire, but I didn't need it. Just an umbrella when it poured with rain. In my eyes, I am the least fashionable person out there. My friends are the ones with that quality. I'm normally the 'Basic Betty', plain, simple, warm, low cost, that'll do me just fine. 

Thinking about this outfit, everything is from New Look. Apart from the vest top underneath my jumper and you can't even see that. My boots and jumper were bought earlier this year in the sale just after Christmas in Leeds. I LOVE these boots so much, I wear them all the time and I will be very sad when the day comes to throw them in the bin. My scarf I have just bought recently. I have wanted a Tartan scarf for as long as I remember but not found one I like as of yet so thought I would buy this printed, large scarf for now. As for the jeans, If one more person says my jeans are ripped I'll run away from them. Ripped jeans are 'all in right now' right? I love how comfy they are and I probably won't be wearing these if it gets any colder as my knees will catch frost bite. I really enjoyed wearing this outfit at the weekend, What do you think? 


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