Friday, 20 November 2015

The Benefits of Reiki and Crystal Healing

Last Thursday, I went to see a lovely lady who does Crystal healing and Reiki sessions. Over the past few months (well most of the year) I have really struggled with lots of different situations in my life which ultimately made me feel drained, 'lost my spark', and just miserable ALL the time. So after speaking to one of my friends about Reiki treatments I found a practitioner that was in the area and booked in. I am a very sceptical person but also wants to try everything and anything. I didn't really know what to expect from the treatment, I just thought I would walk out being the  same Miserable Mand that walked into the little shop. 

I had to lie on a couch, hold two crystals in either hand and close my eyes whilst listening to relaxing music. The lady placed different crystals around me and did whatever she had to do. Trying to find a way to explain how I felt whilst the treatment was going on is quite hard. I felt lots of different emotions, my mind was going crazy with different thoughts. People that had come and gone from my life, happy memories, sad memories, whooshing in and out of my head like waves. She placed a certain crystal on my head and the sensation was like it was pulsing. The crystals in my hands were 'buzzing' and I felt like I had pins and needles. Once the treatment was over, I had a glass of water and sat up straight to speak to the lady. 

The lady then  asked how I felt after the treatment and also said some things on how she felt too. She said she has been doing this treatment for many years and she had seen and felt things she had never before. I felt like I had low blood pressure, I felt a little weak but OK. And this was the  first time I have felt OK for a long time. I then started to cry. (I do cry a lot. I am an emotional soul. Don't judge me. She did say it was normal though.) I let it all out and felt free. I have been wrapped up in guilt, sadness and lots of emotions for so long now, It felt good to let go. I never thought that having this treatment would make me feel so good! I then told her I had been wearing different crystals as jewellery for a while and every time I wore them, I felt I was getting bad luck. She said this was probably because my Chakras were unbalanced and they needed to be cleansed. The information she gave me was amazing and I would recommend crystal healing and Reiki to anyone! I will Definitely be going more often!!

Have you ever tried anything like this? What did you think?


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