Monday, 9 November 2015

The Family Outing

Since my Grandad became ill, we have tried to spend a lot more time together as a family so decided to go for afternoon tea at the weekend. Driving up the M1 in their big car was a little scary to say the least, especially with back seat drivers! But we eventually got there and enjoyed walking round the cute little town. There are so many tea shops and bakeries to enjoy, and with tea addicts like my grandparents, they were in their element. We took our seats ready for our afternoon tea and couldn't believe our eyes when the food came to the table. There was so much! My grandparents had the 'Mr and Mrs' tea which came with sandwiches, Original Bakewell tart, Two little Bakewells, fruit cake, scones, selection of meats, Pork pie, tea/coffee and an alcoholic beverage of their choice if they wanted. I went for the 'Silver' afternoon tea which was again, a lot of food. A food lover like myself couldn't eat it all and that's saying something. I had sandwiches, Scone, Original Bakewell tart and I chose a peppermint tea. After we were rolling out of the tea room we headed down the streets and explored. We then went into another tea room and it was beautiful. The walls were covered with mirrors, big photo frames and ornaments. Very cosy. We all enjoyed the day very much and I would definitely go again, even for long walks as the countryside was so beautiful. 


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