Sunday, 22 November 2015

What's In My Bag!?

I was clearing out my bag and thinking 'What should I blog about?' And then it hit me, 'What's In My Bag!' I have seen so many people do posts like this and in a weird way, I love to know what people carry around with them. 

So once I cleaned out my bag, I narrowed it down to what I normally take around in my Mary Poppin's bag. This tassle bag is from Primark and I love it very much. I take it everywhere with me and it fits so much in it. Again, I must be Mary Poppin's sister. I normally take around with me snacks, my lunch, and lots of bottles of water. (I must of ate and drank it all. #pig) 

I have recently just joined Slimming World so I can actually fit into, and look good in my Christmas Work party dress. I carry this folder of books everywhere with me to work out what and what not to eat during the day. I am so surprised that I can still eat a lot and hopefully still lose a bit of weight. We will see. 

I obviously carry round my purse and keys. And lots of lipsticks,lip balms, hair grips and bobbles. They are an essential what can I say. As the weather in the UK changes it's mind a lot, I take sunglasses everywhere with me. I just can't stand the sun in my eyes, or the thought of getting Crow's feet! 

Another must is a Unicorn notebook to jot notes or ideas in as my memory is awful and also my diary so I don't let people down by not turning up to things! And last but not least, My phone. My phone case gets a lot of attention. I have been needing to get an upgrade for so long now and finally got the new Iphone 6S, and I have also bought the exact same phone case for the new phone. 

What do you carry around in your bag?!


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