Monday, 7 December 2015

Easy Flawless everyday makeup

For a while now I've listened to people's remarks how I wear 'too much makeup'. I have never wore a crazy amount of makeup but I love a bright lip and a good old wing liner. Since hearing those comments constantly from mainly family, I tried to go even more natural. Hardly wearing any makeup, bye bye eyeliner. I then didn't feel like myself. I was trying to be someone I wasn't, just because of a bit of eyeliner. Sounds silly when you say it out loud. I had enough of trying to please others with how I look. So the eyeliner has come back out and this is what I used my face. 

In my opinion the look is still very natural, I've been trying to stay clear of heavy foundations because of my acne but still letting my skin breathe with Bare Minerals and having a little extra coverage with the MAC concealer. Most of the makeup I use is all the same just used differently. I then used Illamasqua cream blusher, Sleek eyebrow kit, and also mixed Barry M red lip liner with a bright pink lipstick from Revlon. The Loreal mascara I have had for a long time hence the writing slowly disappearing. As for the eyeliner, I have been using Rimmel Exaggerate liquid liner which goes on to the eye so lovely and is very long lasting. I sometimes even struggle to get it off!

What are your favourite products and can you recommend the best eyeliner on the market? 


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