Wednesday, 2 December 2015

November Fashion Favourites

November, the time to get ready for Christmas as it's slowly creeping around the corner. The nights you can put cosy pyjamas, light candles, scoff biscuits whilst watching films. Forget about the bad weather outside and relax. This month it's all about fashion after talking to one of my best friends Conor, I have decided to stop spending so much time down the food and makeup aisles and head for the big shopping centres. And then I can be cosy after a long day of shopping.

Coat- New Look.
I seen a coat from Zara for £100, and even though it felt wonderful to wear and I felt on top of the world, the price tag made me come back down to earth. Amazing coat but I couldn't bring myself to spend that much money, and this coat from New Look was £30 and still as lovely.

Scarf - New Look.
I have been obsessed with wearing this scarf, Especially with the New Look coat, It's just not coming off.

Shoes- Sainsbury's.
Since a massive new store has opened near me, sometimes on my lunch break I like to have a wander round Sainsbury's and came across these shoes for £9 in the sale. Love them! So comfy and with the elastic around the sides, makes it super easy to slip on and off. I am a shoe size six, but they were just a little small so went for a seven which is slightly too big but at least I can wear thicker socks!

Enrapture heated curlers.
One thing that isn't fashion related but still a November favourite is the Enrapture heated curlers. Every blogger and their Grandma probably owns at least one appliance from Enrapture after a massive obsession with them a few years ago. I have whipped the big box of happiness out of the cabinet and started using them again and they make my hair have lovely big curls. Blog post all about them on Friday.


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