Monday, 28 December 2015

Some of my Yearly Favourites

 As 2015 is coming to an end, I thought I would talk you through some of my yearly favourites. Some are new, some have been around for a bit.

I have loved wearing my L'oreal Lipstick and have repurchased a new one as I have had the old one for a few years. I love how bright it is, you can tone it down with the amount you apply and even if I am not wearing much/no makeup it just brightens up my face. Beautiful colour and very moisturising.

Bourjois Lipstick, Very bright, longlasting and matte. Brilliant for those nights out you want the lipstick to last all night. I even have to scrub it off, very hard to get off when you want it too!

My hat from Asda has been in a recent post, alongside with my Revlon Photo Ready illuminator. Wearing them both together makes me feel fabulous. Glowing skin in the winter months whilst keeping warm is a must!

Avene Cleanance cleanser is an ultimate fav in my skincare routine. I have repurchased this many times this year and really helps clear them imperfections! My skin has got so bad recently, (probably beacuse of my bad diet) but this product really helps to clear and clean.

I have banged on about this product many times and I am literally in love. I never thought I would go near a powder foundation but I feel it works better than any liquid foundations I have used. Great to cover spots, redness, and actually gives me a little bit of a glow. Bare Minerals Original powder foundation is like heaven in a pot. The more you buff, the better it looks. High five to the creator of this wonderful product!

And lastly the YSL perfume. I got this last christmas from my Uncle and didn't really like it very much at first. I then carried on wearing it and just couldn't stop. As this is quite a strong scent, you need the tiniest amount, but it lasts all day and smells wonderful!

What are your Yearly favourites?


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