Friday, 22 January 2016

Film Friday: JOY

I love films. I love going to the cinema. And I love Jennifer Lawrence. 

Ever since 'The Hunger Games' , I have been watching many films with JLaw in and I think she is such an incredible actress. The film 'Joy' is based on a true story about Joy Mangano who created the 'magical mop' and became a self made millionaire with the help from the Shopping channel QVC. This is a really inspiring film as it shows the real struggles that people go through to be successful. Joy's life seemed very hard, coping with money problems, a hectic family life and trying to focus on her dream but she carried on and finally got the recognition she wanted. She fought hard for everything she has today and the film really made me feel motivated and want to do more!

Have you watched this film? Did you like it?


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