Wednesday, 6 January 2016

KMS California: Moist Repair Review

I haven't had this product for long and if you have seen my recent post about my haircare favourites, you would of seen this little beauty. Since going to the hairdressers a little more regular, they have been using different products on my hair that make it look and feel amazing. If you have read one of my posts from a long time ago you would have seen that I have 'Trichotillomania' , this is where you pull your hair out. Now I know that sounds really gross, because it is, but I am trying very hard to stop. I asked my hairdresser what would be best for getting the moisture back into the hair at the top of my head without looking or getting greasy and she recommended this product. 

Since going to the hairdressers and them using KMS on my hair, I want them all. I think they are great products and smell incredible. (Oh I do like a good smelling product.) With the Moisture repair you don't need to use a lot at all and you can use it all over on wet hair. I got this product for about £15 but it will last me a long time as you probably only need the size of the top of your thumb or maybe even less depending on the length of your hair. 

Have you ever tried KMS products? What are your favourite hair products?


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