Friday, 1 January 2016

The essential Favourites...

So everyone needs the basics in their bathroom cupboard, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, the list goes on...

It's now 2016, Can you believe it? And whilst staring at the cramped bathroom cupboards, I thought I would have a clear out (as I love doing it! #saddo.) Looking at the amount of products I have, I dread to think how much money we spend on toiletries.

So here's some of my favourites...

I have used so much of this toothpaste there's hardly any left. This advanced whitening toothpaste with baking soda as an ingredient really helps make my teeth shiny white. I don't use this everyday, probably about once a week but it is a fabulous product and you can get it very reasonably priced.

Sure deodorant I have been using for years. My mum started buying it for me whilst I was in High School and I have tried out most of their products. I have used many different brands of deodorant and always come back to Sure, simply because you stay fresh all day. No nasty lingering smells, once you apply in the morning you are ready to go about your day. This 'Bright Bouquet' smells divine. My mum always walks into my room and says every single day.. 'Ooh what perfume are you wearing, that smells good!' and everyday she still gets shocked when I tell her it's my deodorant. This is my favourite Sure product that I have used so far and will keep re purchasing!

Another little story about my mum, she has very sensitive skin and for years and years she has been using Simple products to take off makeup, wash her face, moisterise. And I started to use the products when I was in school to take off my mascara. Over the years because I try out so many different skincare products I forgot all about this cleanser. I had ran out of some of my products so used my mum's cleansing lotion to take off my makeup before my second cleanse. I used it for a few days and decided to buy my own. Great product, Very gentle on the skin and removes stubborn/waterproof makeup.

Sk:n Clinics do their own range of products and when I used to go for treatments, I got the Aloe Vera gel and SPF. I use their Aloe Vera gel all the time. I have bought some for my grandad, my mum, my work friend and we all love it. Aloe Vera gel is great for lots of different things. Burns, swelling,irritation, the list is endless.

So I know I have been banging on about this brand for a while, but I just love the products so much and even got more for Christmas! When it comes to body washes, scrubs or moisterisers, it's got to be from Soap and Glory. 'Butter Yourself' has a citrus smell, which my mum doesn't really like but I love it. I'm glad my mum doesn't like it because then she can stop using my things!

Last but not least, I know it's a beauty product but I feel that everyone should have this makeup brush. Real Techniques have created some wonderful products but my ultimate favourite is the stippling brush. Stippling brushes are my favourite face brush as I feel that the makeup goes nicer on the skin, you get more of a flawless finish and you don't use too much product. This brush is very dense unlike some so makes makeup go on even easier. Very affordable, great quality, and I have got everyone I know to buy this product!

What are your favourite essentials?


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