Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Testament Of Youth

I'm finding it quite difficult to get my head around using a MAC computer. My nanna has all the latest gadgets and even she knows how to do the basic things which I don't.

Another film I have loved watching is 'Testament of Youth', a romantic war film that pulls your heart strings from the start. I'm emotional already and then with a film like this on top of it, *waterfall of tears*.  The film starred some recognisable faces, Alicia Vikander, who starred in 'The Danish Girl', Colin Morgan, 'Merlin' and Kit Harington, 'Game of thrones.' A story about 'normal' people enjoying their everyday lives, falling in love, having fun, working, and everything completely changes when the war starts. Their dreams of going to Oxford university go on hold and they fight for their country. With films like this, sometimes you can just tell what is going to happen, and even though you want the ending to be happily ever after, sometimes it's not.

A well acted, emotional, adventurous film that will 100% make you tear up. Do you like war films? What's your favourite?


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