Friday, 17 February 2017

Running from Grief

I watch the London Marathon most years, whilst sitting on the sofa, thinking 'I would love to do that one day'. Who knew that this year, 2017, I will actually be taking part and running 26.3 miles!!!

The reason I am running is to raise money for a cancer ward at a local hospital, as sadly my Grandad passed away in April last year with stage four cancer. I didn't want to face reality and actually believe that my father figure had died. He was everything and more of a Grandad should of been. He was a Dad when mine didn't care, he was a friend that always listened, he was my fun, loving Grandad who died of cancer. And I didn't want to think about the death bit. I tried everything in my power to not think about it. Think about something else that was sad like my breakup, or my loss of friends or how I was struggling with money to mask the loss.

Something just popped up into my mind randomly, I will run the London Marathon. I applied for so many charities, being rejected constantly. I emailed the hospital I am now running for and found out they had places. I filled in a form, and that was that. Applied. I had applied in May and hadn't heard anything, so I forgot about it. I got home from China at the beginning of October, and there it was, an email saying I got through!

'Crap', I thought. How am I, me the lazy girl that likes eating lots of cake and pretending to go for a long run  and end up walking most of it whilst moaning meant to run all of that distance? How am I meant to raise all that money? But I have, I have raised nearly all of my target of £1,500, I have tried to go running about 3/4 times a week. I even got a personal trainer to help me get fit and I can still eat cake!

All of this, the preparation for the marathon has helped me not be so sad about the loss of my Grandad. I have hardly cried. I am doing something good, in memory of my Grandad. To be able to help others  so they can get the help and care they need to hopefully kick cancer's ass and be able to live their life, a happy healthy one.

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