Monday, 20 March 2017

I've had lip filler again!!?

In October 2015, I had lip filler as I felt insecure and listened to people's insults and took them to heart. Now it's 2017, I don't care as much of others opinion if they say a comment about how I look. If I want to spend money on lip filler, I will. If I want to change the way I look, for me and for no one else, I will. 

Growing confidence and trying to 'love yourself' is a process that will probably go on forever. My lips will always be slightly wonky and go back to how they were before, but lip filler has gave me the confidence to smile and not worry that my gums are showing. To not feel as insecure as I used to. 

There is such a stigma around lip filler that it's bad or it looks awful, but what my advice would be to anyone and I know people say it all the time, do your research before going ahead with it. 

Lip filler can be expensive, depending on how much product you have and what brand of product you have. You will be very disappointed spending all that money and doing no research if you come out having lips that look like tyres or seriously bruised and botched up. And yes, the practitioner may have the qualifications, but do they do it well? Find out all about them!

If you do have lip filler, don't freak out the same day or a few days after if the lips swell, they get bigger when you have them done, I always think they look slightly better a bit more swollen (that sounds weird, but if you have had yours done you may feel the same.) Also, don't freak out by any bruising, that soon goes away too. 

Be careful and do your research and enjoy your new lips!

 This is the first time I hap lip filler:
 Second attempt: first picture, slighting wonky again, second photo tried to even them out.


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