Friday, 3 March 2017

Training for a marathon is HARD!!

Who knew training for a marathon would be so hard. There's the saying 'Everything you ever wanted to know about yourself, you would learn in 26.2 miles.' I haven't ran that far yet, but already I am learning about myself more, listening to my body, growing as a person. 

You have to run, obviously, but you also have to be strong, mentally and physically. Some people find it easy to  run without stopping. I get cross and put so much pressure on  myself whilst training that if I have to walk inbetween runs, I will beat myself up over it. I think I am lazy. How do people even do short runs without taking breaks? It's because it is all in the mind, and I am not mentally strong enough yet to just keep positive. 

If I new how physically and mentally demanding training for a marathon would be, I would of started training a long time ago!! It takes so much time up and exhausts your body. But it is so worth it for the cause I am running for. 

I used to exercise a lot in high school, had a very high metabolism, used to run a lot in school and loved P.E. Once I hurt my knee and also moving to my next school, people didn't seem to like sport and I didn't want to be the only one that did so went along with everyone else. Which I regret massively. Since running again, it makes me think how well I used to run, winning races and it makes me want to get fitter than ever. 

I got a letter the other day saying 'If you don't finish it, no one will judge you' but of course I will finish it. I haven't spent time, effort and money in training super hard to not complete it. This is a physical challenge, but also something that will change me and my life. 

26.2 miles is a long way to run, and all these different emotions are running through me, hoping and praying I will be able to do it. And if it is all in the mind, PMA (Positive Mental Attitude.) I WILL DO THIS!


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