Friday, 5 May 2017

I Can't Stop!

I wrote a post a long time ago all about hair pulling. Trichotillomania it's called. I had only just found out what it was called when I wrote that post, but all I knew was that I couldn't stop pulling my hair out. 

I wanted to write this post as not many people know about it, and I have heard that some people around me have started doing it too. I get so upset looking at my, what was beautiful hair, to now a bald, thin haired 22 year old that is now struggling to cover up the fact I have no hair at the top of my head. I get so scared my hair bobble will go loose and my hair will show the horrible damage I have done to myself. 

Many people don't take hair pulling seriously, but it is a form of self harm, a way to deal with stress and maybe even a comfort when upset. I no longer realise I pull my hair and is now a habit. I have been for counselling, to the doctors, had hypnosis, acupunture, the list carries on, but I still do it. I was told I need to stop hiding from my fears and problems and deal with the emotions I try and put to the back of my head. I need to deal with everything and then maybe I will be able to stop. 

Do you know anyone who suffers? 


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