Monday, 12 March 2018

Avene Cleanance Review

Welcome to my blog! If you didn't know already I created a blog called 'Candy Camera' back in the day and was a little embarrassed at letting the world know I had it. This time I'm hoping I am a little more interesting and can actually write an alright post. (You'll have to let me know if i'm doing ok.)

If you know me, you will know I love skincare. Ever since suffering with acne, I have to look after my skin. You have to look at yourself and so do others, every single day. I used to lack so much confidence because of the amount of spots I had on my face, but after trying out lots of different products, treatments, knowing my skin and lots of advice, I think I'm getting there.

If you suffer with acne, problematic, spotty skin, this could be for you. I suffer with dry skin, but hormonal break outs. After a first cleanse with a makeup remover or gentle, creamy cleanser, I then use a tiny amount of the Avene Cleanance cleansing gel to remove any dirt or leftover makeup. Being soap free it is quite a gentle cleanser and doesn't dry out the skin and you can also use on the body! I think this would be a great cleanser to use especially if you have oily skin but also good if you have dry skin just don't use too much.

What's your skincare routine?


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