Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Now's the time to talk about mental health!

For quite a few years now I have suffered with mental health issues, which I used to feel very ashamed about. I felt like no one really understood how I was feeling or knew how I was trying to cope with it. I didn't even understand it myself, I thought I was stupid for worrying about the tiniest thing,I didn't know what a panic attack was, and I didn't know how to even cope with it. I was dealing with so many issues inside of me and pushing away the closest people in my life made things a lot harder.

I think 'growing up' (well trying to) has really helped a lot of the negativity that used to be inside me, but also talking about it with others, who may or may not be going through the same feelings. Going to yoga, forcing myself out of bed even though there were days I would panic so much about leaving the house, I have built myself up stronger mentally and physically. It is still a constant challenge, but i'm slowing getting there. I have really been enjoying listening to Radio One recently about Greg James' three peak challenge for Sports Relief, encouraging more and more people to talk about mental health, helping people learn, understand and help others. I feel that it is so important for people to learn about it, whether you suffer with mental health or not because unfortunately 1 in 4 people suffer each year and 1 in 6 experience mental health or anxiety in a week.

Over the years I have been able to grow through some very difficult times with anxiety and still trying to overcome some. I felt that especially now was the right time to talk about mental health as so many people suffer in silence and now is the time to speak up!

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